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When It Comes to Your Home, Leave the Details to Us

Personalized service for your peace of mind.

Serving all of Wake County, NC and surrounding areas


What We Inspect and Why

A visual examination of the main structural elements, systems, and components of the house that are visible and securely accessible constitutes a home inspection. It's crucial to obtain a home inspection since purchasing a home is often the largest investment you will ever make. The inspector can identify and record flaws that may or may not be visible to you as a potential buyer. These flaws might be as little as simple repairs or replacements or as serious as major damage or health and safety issues.

  1. Roof

  2. Exterior

  3. Basement, Foundation, Crawlspace & Structure

  4. Heating

  5. Cooling

  6. Plumbing

  7. Electrical

  8. Fireplace

  9. Attic, Insulation & Ventilation

  10. Doors, Windows & Interor

  11. Built-In Kitchen Appliances


Meet the Team

The Inspector

Eric Coates

At Detailed Home Inspections Inc., we believe in providing our clients with thorough and trustworthy home inspections. As a home inspector, I take pride in my work and make sure to exceed the NC Standards of Practice when conducting inspections. My goal is to give my clients the tools they need to maintain their homes, as well as provide them with an understanding of their home's most important components. I am passionate about helping people make sure their house is safe and secure.

Eric Hero
Jessica Office Manager

Office Manager


Jessica may be considered a New Jersey "transplant", but her home has been North Carolina for over 30 years now and there's no place she'd rather live! With an education and career experience in healthcare, Jessica made the switch to remote working to be able to stay at home while raising two amazing daughters over 20 years ago. She has a passion for people and excellent customer service skills. Jessica is glad she's part of our DHI team! In her spare time Jessica enjoys mentoring others in enjoying a minimalist, organized home and spoiling her grandchildren.

We Educate Our Clients

During the home inspection, we will show you how everything in your house works, how to maintain it, and how to save home energy. Scientific evidence demonstrates a solid relationship between housing conditions and human health. I will make sure your home supports your health. 


How it works

Paint Brush

How to maintain it


How to save energy

Inspecting In Action

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