I Love My Job

I really do love my job.  However, there are days that I do not like my job.  It rained yesterday, a lot, especially during the morning inspection.  I am a Boy Scout, so I was prepared.  I had a good rain suit, waterproof boots, waterproof equipment, etc., etc.  However, all of the right equipment did not make it any easier to work in the rain.  Even though I did not like it, it was good for my client.  I saw and learned A LOT about the house during the rain.  Many things don’t show up until it rains.

I encourage everyone to check out your house in the rain.  Water causes more damage to a house than any other issue.  Water is not your house’s friend.  If you don’t manage the water at your house, it will cause problems.  Walk around your house one day in the rain.  Check to see how the water is running off of the roof, out of the gutters/downspouts.  Check to see where the water is going when it gets to the ground.  Water NEEDS to run AWAY from the house.  Go in the crawl space.  Check to see if anything is wet.  There should be nothing wet in the crawl space.

According to Greg Fishel, you may get plenty of opportunities this week.  Just go for it – it won’t hurt you to get wet!  If you have questions, post pictures here and I will respond as soon as I can.


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